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  Addison Wesley   Artificial Life I   34
  American Council on Education   An Assessment of Quality in Graduate Education   37
  Butterworth-Heinemann   The Economic Impact of Knowledge   50
  Cambridge University Press   Information Flow   1924
  The Cambridge University Press   Using Language   27
  Doubleday & Co.   The Tacit Dimension   19
  Garland Publishing   The Semantics of Definite and Indefinite Noun Phrases   24
  Harvard Business School Press   Working Knowledge   04
  Harvard University Press   Philosophical Explanations   1920
  International Creative Manage-ment   Trust   16
  International Development Research Cetre   Working with Indeginous Knowledge   23
  John Wiley   Societal Systems   40
  John Wiley & Sons.   Community Computing   06
      Soft Systems Methodology in Action   35
  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.,   Talking Data   28
  McGraw Hill   Analytic Hierarchy Process   40
  The MIT Press   Being There   25
      Beyond Modularity   33
      Dimensions of Creativity   39
      Knowledge and the Flow of Information   1920
      Multiagent Systems   54
      Naturalizing Epistemology   1920
      Situations and Attitudes   1924
      Software Agents   53
  OECD   OECD, Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard   50
  Penguin Books   Chaos: Making a New Science   32
  Pinter Publishers   Technology Policy and Economic Performance   51
  Springer   Information Visualization and Virtual Environments   47
  Springer Verlag   Dynamics of Internal and Global Structure through Linguistic Interactions   33
      The Constructive Approach to the Dynamic View of Language   33
      The Emergence of Linguistic Structure   33
  Summit Books   Innovation   09
  U.S. Government Printing Office   President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness   14
  The University of Chicago Press   The Structure of Scientific Revolutions   49
  University of Illinois Press   The Mathematical Theory of Communication   1927
      Theory of Self-reproducing Automata   34
  University of Washington Press   The Essence of Chaos   32
  World Scientific   Graph Drawing and Applications for Soft-ware and Knowledge Engineers   47
  Yale University Press   Evidence, Argument, and Persuasion in the Policy Process   18

A-Z あ行 か行 さ行 た行 な行 は行 ま行 や・

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